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Our Mission

At Algoverse, we're pioneering a new standard in pre-university computer science education. By leveraging our deep teaching and research experience from Berkeley and Stanford, we aim to make top-tier research and industry-relevant skills more accessible. Our programs equip students for success in college and the tech industry, while enhancing their prospects for competitive college admissions at top universities.

Our Instructors

We are a team of dedicated, former CS instructors and AI researchers from Stanford and Berkeley, as well as software engineers in the tech industry:

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Kevin Zhu

Program Director and Instructor

Former UC Berkeley Instructor | Software Engineer at Palantir | Quant at Citadel

Kevin taught 3000+ Berkeley students during his tenure as a lecturer for CS198-112 and 5-time Head GSI, specializing in upper-division algorithms. He has also taken software engineering roles at Palantir and various startups, and ML research roles at Citadel, Goldman Sachs, and Berkeley RISE Lab, where he applied traditional machine learning techniques to the stock market and researched techniques for improving convolutional neural network inference efficiency. Kevin now serves as the lead director for the Algoverse programs, as well as an instructor.


Sean O'Brien

AI Research Director

AI Research at UCSD | Former AI Resident at Meta | Berkeley AI Research

Sean conducts research on large language models like GPT-4 as a PhD researcher at UCSD. While an AI resident at Meta, he researched language model decoding methods and co-authored Shepherd, a small language model that generates critiques matching the quality of ChatGPT. Previously, at Berkeley AI Research (BAIR), he specialized in transformer architectures for strategy learning. Sean was also a 7-time GSI at Berkeley, teaching introductory programming, discrete mathematics, and upper-division machine learning, while triple majoring in EECS, math, and cognitive science.


Joseph Amine

Software Engineering Advisor

Software Engineer at Microsoft | Bachelor's in Computer Science, Stanford

Joseph is a software engineer at Microsoft with extensive full-stack experience and skills in a wide set of programming languages and tools, including C++, Python, Java, React, Flask, Docker, and Kubernetes. Previously, he has held software engineering roles at Meta, Apple, and Amazon, with a specialty in back-end infrastructure. Joseph completed his bachelor's at Stanford University, majoring in computer science.


Ryan Nuqui


Former UC Berkeley Instructor |  Bachelor's in CS and Math, UC Berkeley

Ryan is a former 5-time GSI for Berkeley’s CS 61B(L), Data Structures and Algorithms, where he was the Head TA for Academic Interns and Tutors twice. During his time at Berkeley, he worked with educational organizations both on campus and in the local communities, such as Computer Science Mentors, which is the largest undergraduate teaching organization at Berkeley. Ryan intends to pursue an advanced degree in CS Education and continue teaching CS at either the high school or college level. Ryan completed his bachelor’s at UC Berkeley, double majoring in CS and applied mathematics.

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Thomas Lu

AI Research Mentor

AI Research at CMU | Former AI Research at Tiktok | Berkeley AI Research

Thomas conducts AI research at Carnegie Mellon University as a Master's student in machine learning. He is a co-author of "Learned Incremental Representations for Parsing", which earned the highest distinction of Best Paper at ACL 2022, the premier NLP conference (reference). He has previously researched at Berkeley AI Research, MDI, and Tiktok. Thomas completed his bachelor's at UC Berkeley, triple majoring in CS, data science, and linguistics with a 4.0 GPA.

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Mehul Raheja

USACO Advisor

Former USACO Finalist | Software Engineer at Exafunction

Mehul is a software engineer at Exafunction and a former USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Finalist, ranking among the top 25 in the US. He has four years of experience developing curriculums for algorithmic competitions and teaching USACO classes from Bronze to Platinum division. Previously, he has taken engineering roles at Citadel, Databricks, and Lucid. Mehul graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's in EECS.

Explore our Programs

Enroll now in our Spring and Summer programs. Spring Cohort A starts February 4th with weekly Sunday sessions. Summer programs include 3-week intensives, running Monday through Thursday.


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