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Kick-start your tech education. Learn the fundamentals by diving head-first into engaging projects.

Featured Projects

Build a full suite of projects and design your own larger-scope final project under mentorship of expert instructors.

Program Overview

Build a strong foundation: Ignite a lasting passion for coding with our Python bootcamp. Expert-led and designed to foster deep understanding, our program equips you with the confidence to excel in advanced studies and a future tech career.

Portfolio building: Cultivate an impressive portfolio of projects, including a larger final project to showcase in college applications and internship opportunities. 


Hands-on experience: Engaging, real-world projects and individualized mentorship in a small, dynamic classroom.

Expert instruction: Developed and taught by former Berkeley EECS and Stanford CS instructors and software engineers with professional pedagogy training.

Career Advancement

University mentors: Join an ambitious community of career-oriented students and receive mentorship from top students at Stanford and Berkeley about the college application process as a CS major.

Career advice: Hear first-hand from software engineers at big tech companies on life as a software engineer, how to successfully apply for internships, and more.


Program Dates:

Spring A: 12 weeks: February 4 - April 21. Sundays, 10am - 12pm PT

Spring B: 12 weeks: March 16 - June 1. Saturdays, 10am - 12pm PT

Summer A: 3 weeks: June 3 - June 20. Mon-Thurs, 10am - 12pm PT

Summer B: 3 weeks: June 24 - July 11. Mon-Thurs, 10am - 12pm PT

Summer C: 3 weeks: July 15 - August 2. Mon-Thurs, 10am - 12pm PT

Class Format: Meetings are fully online and held over Zoom. Each class is 2 hours long.

45 minutes: Instructor lecture and group problem-solving to reinforce concepts

75 minutes: Project development with instructor mentorship to apply concepts.

Additionally, there are optional coding challenges throughout the week and support from our instructors on our Slack community.

Program Fee: The total cost of the program is $1250. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.

Our Python Team

We are a dedicated team of current and former computer science instructors and teaching staff from UC Berkeley and Stanford.


Ryan Nuqui


Former UC Berkeley Instructor |  Bachelor's in CS and Math, UC Berkeley

Ryan is a former 5-time GSI for Berkeley’s CS 61B(L), Data Structures and Algorithms. During his time at Berkeley, he worked with educational organizations both on campus and in the local communities, such as Computer Science Mentors, which is the largest undergraduate teaching organization at Berkeley. Ryan intends to pursue an advanced degree in CS Education and continue teaching CS at either the high school or college level. Ryan completed his bachelor’s at UC Berkeley, double majoring in CS and applied mathematics.


Jedidiah Tsang


Former UC Berkeley Instructor | CS Master's in Education at UC Berkeley

Jedidiah is a CS Master's student at UC Berkeley conducting research in computer science education. He was also the former Instructor of Record and 3-time Head GSI for Berkeley's CS61BL, Data Structures and Algorithms. Jedidiah is also a recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award at Berkeley, 2022-2023. Jedidiah completed his bachelor's at UC Berkeley, double majoring in CS and political science.

profile pic, but removed some hair and filtered so it's not as yellow overall.png

Kevin Zhu

Program Director and Instructor

Former UC Berkeley Instructor | Software Engineer at Palantir | Quant at Citadel

Kevin taught 3000+ Berkeley students during his tenure as a lecturer for CS198-112 and 5-time Head GSI, specializing in upper-division algorithms. He has also taken software engineering roles at Palantir and various startups, and ML research roles at Citadel, Goldman Sachs, and Berkeley RISE Lab, where he applied machine learning techniques to the stock market and researched techniques for improving convolutional neural network inference efficiency. Kevin now serves as the lead director for the Algoverse programs, as well as an instructor.

*Note: Instructor is tentatively scheduled and subject to change. 

Words from our 2023 Python Bootcamp Alumni

"I can't say enough positive things about my experience with the Python Bootcamp at Algoverse. As someone new to programming, I was initially intimidated by the idea of learning a new language, but the bootcamp exceeded all my expectations.
The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Python, and their teaching style made complex concepts easy to grasp. They were always patient and willing to answer any questions, no matter how basic or advanced.
What impressed me the most was the supportive and inclusive learning environment. The staff and fellow students were friendly and encouraging, creating a sense of camaraderie that made the learning journey enjoyable.
Thanks to the Python Bootcamp, I now feel confident in my programming skills and have a solid foundation in Python. I'm excited to continue my journey as a Python developer and explore new opportunities in the tech industry.
I highly recommend Python Bootcamp to anyone looking to dive into the world of programming. It's a fantastic program with exceptional instructors that will set you up for success in the Python programming world." 

- Teo Son, Algoverse Python Bootcamp


Secure your spot in our acclaimed bootcamp. Kick-start your tech education by creating engaging projects under the mentorship of expert instructors.

Enrollment: Enroll with a $50 deposit, refundable upon program completion. Choose weekly payments or a one-time tuition fee of $1250 billed at program start.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Full refund up to 21 days prior to the start of the program. No refunds are available thereafter.


Referral program: Receive a $200 fee reduction for each student you refer to our program, or if you enroll with a friend. Terms.

  • Why choose Algoverse over other programs?
    Our program uniquely enriches your project portfolio and develops your skills due to the superior mentorship from our instructors. We are genuinely invested in your success and will go the extra mile. Our mentors are not just alumni at top colleges; we are seasoned educators who have delivered a world-class computer science education at UC Berkeley and Stanford. We are committed to pedagogy, and have designed our curriculum for intuitive learning and real-world results. For program-specific details, check the respective FAQ sections.
  • What is the time commitment for these programs?
    Bootcamps (Spring & Fall): Weekly: 2 hours of live sessions. Optional: Additional exercises / projects available each week, manageable according to your schedule. Bootcamps (Summer): Daily (Mon-Thurs): 2 hours of live sessions. Optional: Additional exercises / projects available each week, manageable according to your schedule. AI Research Program: Weekly: 2 hours of live research group meetings. Independent Work: Recommended 3-7 hours per week, adjustable based on your pace and availability for deeper research engagement. We've designed our programs to fit into a student's busy life, ensuring that you can gain a comprehensive learning experience with or without the optional homework.
  • I'm not sure which program to enroll in, can you help me decide?
    Absolutely! Each of our programs is meticulously crafted to deliver a high-quality, real-world learning experience. Regardless of your choice, you'll gain valuable skills that benefit your future and academic goals. The best program for you aligns with your interests and ambitions. Feel free to reach out for a personalized discussion on your goals and how our programs align with them. Our team is here to provide insights and guide you on the path to success in competitive college admissions or specific career trajectories. If you're new to coding, our Python Bootcamp is ideal for building a solid foundation, while our AI Fundamentals Bootcamp delves deeper into artificial intelligence. Considering multiple programs? Enroll in more than one and receive a courtesy discount, detailed in the next FAQ question. Many of our students enroll in several programs across several semesters, progressively enhancing their skills and portfolios each semester.
  • Can I enroll in multiple bootcamps or programs simultaneously?
    Yes, as long as their schedules do not overlap. Additionally, for those committed to expanding their learning with us, we offer a courtesy discount for multiple enrollments within 24 hours: Enroll in two programs: Receive a 50% discount on the second program. Enroll in three programs: Receive a 90% discount on the third program. Our system automatically applies these discounts when billing begins - no additional action is required on your end.
  • Can international students enroll in the program?
    Yes! We have students from every continent except Antarctica. Historically, our international students have mentioned that they found great value in our college and career advice in addition to our programs.
  • Can middle schoolers enroll in these programs?
    Yes, our bootcamps are open to ambitious middle schoolers. Middle school is a perfect time to start coding or develop coding skills further! However, our research program is primarily for high school or college students.
  • Will I get a certificate for completing the program?
    Yes, upon program completion, you'll be awarded with a Certificate of Completion, celebrating the mastery of your new skills. More than just a certificate, you'll emerge with a robust portfolio of projects or a substantive research paper, depending on your chosen program, to demonstrate your hands-on experience and accomplishments to potential colleges and employers.
  • How can I keep track of my student’s progress as a parent?
    As a parent, you can easily track your student's progress. Completed projects are stored on Github, accessible via your web browser. You may opt in for regular progress updates through a dedicated document, emailed to you roughly once per month for the Spring program, or once per week for the Summer program. Also, feel free to contact us anytime by email or text; some parents appreciate periodic check-ins via text for ongoing updates.
  • I have a schedule conflict (e.g traveling, exams) for a few of the program dates. Can I still enroll in the program?
    Yes, no worries - all classes are recorded. We will send you the materials for those days so you can study them on your own time and not miss out on any of the content. You can also email our instructors any questions you may have on the content. Please let us know in advance if possible and we can work with you to keep you up to speed.
  • Do I need a certain type of computer?
    Any computer should be fine, as long as it has stable internet connection. There is no need for a certain operating system or GPU. For our AI programs, we use third-party compute resources (i.e Google Colab) that you can access on your browser.
  • How likely is it that I get off the waitlist?
    It will depend on what position you are on the waitlist and some other factors, but feel free to contact us for more information on your specific situation!
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